Raj Nandan

Ramadan Mubarak

Eid al-Fitr – or the “Festival of Breaking the Fast” was celebrated in the Office on the Monday after the event.  Usually, this event occurs across the world on 24th May each year but may differ by a day depending on the sighting of the lunar crescent.  This ends the month long dawn to sunset …

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COVID-19 Dairies

There have been some good side effects of the lockdown and curfews including less people on the streets which means less litter.  The roads are quiet too, although there are some drivers who now see the roads as their personal racetrack.  Hopefully, the improved hygiene standard will continue forever.  It has been a good time …

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Tuvalu Visit

This Project began 30 years ago. The objective was to provide access to the outer islands and make lasting safety improvements for the transfer of passengers from ship to the shore and significantly reduce the damage to cargo and to speed the transportation operations through improving the cargo packaging and handling. We enabled outer islands …

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