New Computers

Technology is advancing rapidly in today’s world.  Software programs are updated regularly, and computer systems are released into the market at such a rapid pace that after a few months, your new computer starts to feel old.  Finding the right computer system with specifications that will suit your needs allows you to have a machine that can meet the demands of your work and provide the security of future proofing.  With a market flooded with countless CPU’s and GPU’s, finding the right machine can be challenging.  Added to this are the global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the production of hardware components, including slightly increased costs, delays in supply and scarcity of the unique metals used in the manufacture of hardware and you suddenly became content with your current computer.  But we took on that challenge – I mean, who wouldn’t want a new computer? (For work reasons of course!).  Finally, after 6 months of emails, calls and a lot of patience, we acquired three new computers, and we couldn’t wait to test out the hardware!  With up-to-date specifications, these computers ensure that Staff are able to carry out hardware intensive tasks (like CAD’ing) more efficiently.

So, the next time you see a drawing produced by Erasito Consultants Pte Limited, you can bet it was drawn using one of our new computers!

Author:  Elaijie Erasito

September 2021 Edition

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