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About Us

Fiji's Leading Engineering Company

Making a Difference

Our staff and directors take pride in personally supporting our local villages, primary schools, community and animal shelters to give back to Fiji as we also help develop and improve it’s infrastructure.
working directly with our clients

Growth & Development

Everyone that works here has a desire to see Fiji and the Pacific Island nations grow and develop. We hire talented people and partner with the larger companies to continually bring expertise and the latest industry standards to our office. We always strive to put the right people with the right skills on the right projects.

Everyone here works directly with our clients, so if a client has a question that relates to the design they’ll speak to the designer that worked on it. We have a full team of support staff that have worked for us for many years because we strive to take care and develop our staff, just as we take care of our clients.

a multi-talented team

Why Work With Us


We actively develop our staff to become better leaders in their chosen fields through our ECL Leadership Conference where participants practise listening, delegation and building trust within the organisation.

International Experience

We have formed strong relationships with major consulting organisations from abroad. In particular, the multi-disciplinary engineering Company - Beca International Consultants Limited (BICL) of New Zealand.

We Meet Deadlines

Our clients often remark on our high level of service and capability, where we work the hours as required to get the job done in the set timeframe.

Sustainable Design

We ensure all our projects meet our client's operational and quality requirements for long-lasting environmentally sustainable standards.

Attention To Detail

We carry out our work diligently and with a high level of professionalism you'd expect from a leading engineering company.

Company Directors

About Us

CAD Staff

Front (left to right): Ameet Kumar, Tulia Katafono. Back (left to right): Eroni Aisake, Hendry Tabulawaki, Tomu Nakanacagi, Altaf Shah, Elaijie Erasito.

Admin Staff

Left to right: Manisha Nandan, Asenaca Rokosuka, Shayal Chand, Raj Nandan

Nadi Office

Left to Right: Shaineel Chand, Shania Roy, Naibuka Naicegulevu, Nazmeen Hussain, Richard Imrie.