Erasito has a commitment to provide services of quality by conforming to the specific requirements stipulated in the agreements made with each client and by providing these services with the skill, care and diligence to meet the cost and time constraints agreed to, while complying with all appropriate standards and statutes.

skill, care and diligence

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Erasito Consultants carried out their work diligently and with a high level of professionalism. Being from the Pacific, they have undertaken their work keeping in mind the special cultural and development requirements of the Pacific people with the due diligence expected of a professional engineering company. We have no hesitation in recommending them for engineering projects both here in Kiribati and the in the South Pacific region.
As Liason Officer, I am impressed at their professionalism and integrity in carrying out their duties. Erasito Consultants have never hesitated to work outside normal working hours or attend to urgent meetings as required. Because of their level of service and capability, I have no hesitation in working with them again.
Erasito Consultants carried out work both professionally and with a high level of quality. They had vital members of the team negotiate not only contractual requirements of the project but also ensured that the project met our operational and quality requirements.