Shock to the Body System

On 13th May 2021, the Company sports came to a halt due to the second COVID wave – what a buzz kill!  The Company sports outing was on hold for five long, dreadful months.  In those five months, Staff had to find alternative ways to stay active at home since sporting facilities were also closed.  Due to the COVID restrictions that were being enforced in all public places, Staff accustomed themselves to the plain “work-home-work” routine.  Amidst this crisis, Terence Erasito was the only Staff member who was evidently seen active (i.e., swimming around the Suva peninsula!) The most senior and fittest of the flock led by example.

When sports finally resumed with the CIRCUIT TRAINING outing, it became obvious on 14th October that some Staff members had become lax with the staying active movement during the COVID gap period!  Circuit training was conducted around the Office premises which consisted of five stations with different training techniques using ones own body weight.  A wholesome forty-five minutes was dedicated to a sweaty, struggling, heavy breathing and knee-buckling workout session.  I’m pretty sure the participants were cursing under their breath as they changed stations!  Hahahaha!  It surely was a shock to the body system as Staff battled to work the next day with many a complaint from Staff of body aches.

The effect of those fast-food and drive-thru uber runs during the sports break resulted in the need for many Staff to engage in burning of accumulated, excess energy!  What better way to burn some calories and get back on track with staying active other than a fully engaged circuit training!

Author: Garth Ratusau

December 2021 Edition

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