In-House Special Luncheons

Since the time the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hit our island, people became afraid of buying lunch from food vendors.  Who would have known that for a period of about 2 months following the second COVID-19 outbreak, the Office would become the ideal place to source delicious and affordable meals at F$7.00 a serve.

The meals were cooked by none other than Manisha and Raj along with their helping hands Shayal, Altaf and myself.  I was delighted to be part of the team which allowed me to improve my cooking skills.  Despite the work on our plates we managed to squeeze in a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of 3 hours to ensure that the selected dish is cooked and ready by midday.

Our thinking caps are put on Friday afternoons to determine the menu for the upcoming week.  We made certain that the prepared meal was enjoyed by Staff.  The meals ranged from curry chicken, chicken biryani, fish suruwa, chicken stir fry, chicken chop suey and a variety of vegetarian meals.  Common staple foods that were prepared with the meals were rice, cassava, roti and even puri. The puri ingredients may be a few but it takes a while to deep fry in order to meet the number of Staff that ordered.

Many were flabbergasted by the prepared meals and appreciated the Indian culture and cuisine more. I hope to someday whip up a storm in the kitchen that would tantalise the taste buds for my friends and family in a similar fashion.

Author:  Akosita Rarama

September 2021 Edition

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