COVID-19 Work Policy

Erasito have implemented a regimented and strict work policy for our Staff and conducting our work in the current COVID-19 times. Specifically, we have implemented/established a comprehensive COVID-19 Health and Safety procedures and work policy for conducting work both inside and outside of our Office space (this ensures the safety of both our Staff and those whom we work with).

The Suva Arterial Roads Upgrade Project Phase 2 (SARUP 2) inspections were carried out during the first wave of the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) in 2020. Inspection guidelines were prepared for Staff to follow while carrying out inspections in the field.

SARUP 2 Site Inspections were carried out during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020 with mandatory face masks and gloves as part of their Protective Clothing (PPE). Tulia Feskatoa (L) and Tomu Nakanacagi (R) are seen identifying utility features on their drawings before measuring onsite.
SARUP 2 Inspection in the heart of Suva City. Tomu Nakanacagi (standing) and Garth Ratusau (crouched) seen measuring a manhole lid. Cones were set up around the utility features to aid traffic diversion.

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