Company Sports with Beca

‘Rain’ or ‘Shine’ are the two words that will encourage anyone and everyone in Erasito to think of sports when announced on a fortnightly basis. The Erasito team will find any location to have what transpires as a Work Out and Team Bonding activity whether its volleyball, netball, billiard, touch rugby, frisbee, or soccer. ECL encourages all Beca staff who come to our shores to participate during our sports weeks when they visit our Suva office.

In December 2012, we had the pleasure of the company of Richard Frankland (Mr.) and Cushla Loomb (Ms) from Beca who played touch rugby with us. Before Cushla was ont he field, Richard informed ECL to be aware that she is really good at touch rugby and would run rings around everyone! Undoubtedly, she was the best runner during the match. Cushla and Richard had one of their best moments with our ECL Rugby team.

We look forward to meeting new players from Beca for yet other exciting sports events.

Submitted by: Ms Reema Kumari

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