Ramadan Mubarak

Eid al-Fitr – or the “Festival of Breaking the Fast” was celebrated in the Office on the Monday after the event.  Usually, this event occurs across the world on 24th May each year but may differ by a day depending on the sighting of the lunar crescent.  This ends the month long dawn to sunset fasting, prayer and reflection – a commendation of Muhammad’s first revelation.

In a multiethnic country like Fiji, there was a lot of mixing between those of different religions.  Growing up non-Muslim I did not know much about the day apart from eating and congregating with my fellow mates of the Islamic faith.  If it’s one thing that I’ve come to recently learn about Eid and other significant religious celebration was that they all shared a common thread – in a sense. Though differing by separate events that occur within their own doctrines – the prevailing idea is concept of self reflection, self betterment and increased devotion.

In my eyes, Eid is no different, to that of other faiths though it has an immensely greater meaning for those within the faith.  From an outside perspective, the event is to be protected and the ideas of which shared with others to increase our understanding throughout the community.  In Erasito this is no different – we shared in the light of understanding the good values that can be shared by such celebrations and this should always be welcomed, within the Company and outside of it.

Author: Taukave Mua

June 2020

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