Erasito Nadi Survey Team

Erasito Consultants Pte Ltd were engaged by the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) to design a sewer network system for three different sites in the Western Division.  These sites are Nasoso in Nadi; Yalalevu in Ba and 5 different minor sites in Lautoka.  The three sites vary in area with Nasoso and Yalalevu being the largest, covering an area of 3.67km2 and 1.98km2 respectively.

One of the prerequisites of carrying out a proper design is conducting a detailed topographical survey of the proposed reticulation of the sewer pipe network.  This is where our team of surveyors consisting of Naibuka Naicegulevu and Fereti Finiasi come in.  We have been hard at work for the past 4 months trying to complete the topographical survey for all the 3 sites.

Our fieldwork involved picking up details on site (i.e. along the proposed sewer pipeline corridor) with our RTK GPS equipment.  These details include manmade and natural ground features such as buildings, road, existing services, spot heights, trees etc.  This exercise can be time consuming and energy sapping which only a few can endure!  It requires walking through thick vegetation and bush, sugarcane fields, drains, creeks, roads etc.

The unpredictability of Fiji’s weather in the last couple of months contributed to the delivery time of the topographical survey.  We were able to successfully complete the survey at the Nasoso site within three months.  In addition, the Fiji Island Group experienced a couple of cyclones and low tropical depressions in the last couple of months.  During this season, it would range from being sunny and humid to heavy rain the next moment.

The topographical survey of the Yalalevu site is currently underway.  With the Yalalevu site nearing its completion, next on the list will be the 5 sites in Lautoka.  Hopefully, we don’t get any warm greetings from the friendly WASPS like they greeted us in Nadi and Ba.

We would like to also acknowledge Jonathan Fong from Samoa for helping us with the survey while on his attachment with the Company during his study break.

Author:  Naibuka Naicegulevu

September 2020


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