Final Quarter of 2020

The year 2020 will not be forgotten any time soon.  Darwin’s theory of evolution and the term ’Survival of the Fittest’ comes to mind.  But make it through the year we did.  Perhaps what has stood out for us, is the innate ability of a number of Staff to rise to the occasion and take on roles of leadership even when faced with extreme hardship.

Examples which abound include the Suva Team conducting SARUP II road inspections during storms, extreme wet weather and during the time of the Suva lockdown due to COVID-19.  Similarly, during this time our Nadi Team were out in the field carrying out topographical surveys for our Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) sewerage work at Nasoso, Lautoka and Ba sites.

This year has seen a number of Staff come out of their comfort zones making an effort to contribute to the Company in successfully ensuring we get through each month.

Of importance, is the personal contributions which Staff made in collecting and donating a flat screen Television and accessories to the Lutu Village Primary School earlier in the year.  Staff also made contributions to the Wainibuku Hart Community and families.  This is another example of good leadership displayed by the Staff.

To all the Staff, thank you for making this a memorable and successful year.                                                   

Author:   Terence Erasito

December 2020

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