Company Getaway!

After a two year break from our traditional `Company Getawaysˊ, the Erasito Team managed to organise one which took place at Natadola Beach and then at the Robinson Crusoe Island during the weekend of 21st December, 2012.

The night before we departed for the island, we camped at Natadola Beach. We arrived on the Beach at 6pm and split into groups with staff directing what was needed to be done etc. This lead to the following structure:

  • Overseeing the job was: Lucy Erasito, Rohan Nandan, Kamoe Erasito, Sefeti Erasito and Tieri Erasito,
    Ashneel Singh being most agile on a tree was assigned the task of cutting the branches and securing the
    rope for the tarpaulin,
  • Manager Terence Erasito and Ronald Sue engineered the set up of the tents and tarpaulin
  • Firewood collectors were Lorin Tulakepa, Maxine Inia, Shaineel Chand, Fahad Khan and Shivneel
  • Whilst our Chefs Reema, Kumari, Manisha Nandan and Naibuka Naicegulevu prepared our meal.
Staff dancing to the Sound of Music

Erasito Staff were involved in a number of different roles from what is usually the norm for a civil/structural engineering consultancy firm. However, we have many a multi talented team ready to take on new challenges such as tree climbing and firewood collecting to preparing cooked meals on a beach. 17 of us including Staff and family members, set up tents, got a bon-fire going followed by dinner under the stars and a series of cold drinks till the wee hours of the morning is what our Camping on the infamous Natadola Beach entailed.

Our journey to Robinson Crusoe Island began at 6am the next morning with a bumpy ride over white sand, the stench of horse and cow manure, a volley ball game and a wait of 45minutes for the boat to arrive and whisk us away to the ever-awaited Island. Upon arrival, there was a welcoming party by the staff of the Island of white sandy beaches and clear blue water. The after effects of Cyclone Evan were still apparent. Despite the remnants of Cyclone Evan, our stay was loads of fun – filled with activities the staff randomly organised such as touch rugby, volley ball, card games and island exploration. Leisure activities that some staff were inclined to accomplish on the Island ranged from building sand castles to getting a massages or taking a nap of 45minutes or more!

The entertainment and activities that was provided by Robinson Crusoe Island were: Fire, Polynesian Knife and Limbo dancing, snorkeling, the Fijian Meke, turtle watching, crab racing, and kayaking. The talents of many marvelous dancers from the Erasito team were discovered that evening with music ranging from the traditional Fijian, Indian and Rotuman cultures to hip-hop and pop songs. With unlimited refreshments on the island everyone enjoyed the night around the bon-fire which was resurrected 3 times until we ran out of wood and dry leaves to burn.

The stay at the Island was so relaxing and fun. Now everyone is looking forward to yet another memorable getaway in 2013.

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