Bridge and Wharf Project During the Pandemic

In a year like 2021, where the threat of Covid-19 lingers, movements are restricted, people are getting sick, businesses are failing and uncertainties persist in so many aspects of life, a new project engagement (that will ensure the well-being of our Company) brings relief to those in despair and is certainly welcome!

As a sub-consultant to our long time partner Beca, our Company was engaged to work on an important infrastructure project for Fiji under the Fiji Roads Authority.  The project is funded by the World Bank and Asian Development Bank and aims to upgrade, rehabilitate or replace 40 priority bridges and 3 wharves/jetties across Fiji.

This is a significant project for the country as it is expected to improve the quality of infrastructure which will result in the ease of transportation, bring about comfort to people and travellers and inevitably, see an increase in economic opportunities.

Aside from the tangible benefits that Fiji will gain from this project, there is also the long-term and substantial benefit in the area of transfer of professional skills and in engineering knowledge and standards upgrade for those of us in the industry.  This will directly benefit our local workforce and the various stakeholders’ personnel who will be involved in the project.

As for our Company, being part of an important project such as the 40 Bridges and 3 Wharves/Jetties is a testament of our dedication to our profession and our work.  This project will also bring an opportunity for us to be of service to our nation and at the same time, enable us to continue to learn and better ourselves.

Author:  Alfred Macmac

June 2021 Edition

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