Third Quarter of 2020

The last three months has been a challenging time for our Staff and the Company with the ongoing, prolonged effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequences of lockdowns, the need for social distancing and the effects and consequences on multitudes of businesses across Fiji.  We have however, experienced a number of positive work opportunities which has enabled us to maintain our operations and work activities.

A strong contributing factor which is evidently attributed to our success is our Company culture which the Staff have maintained.  This includes our discipline, maintaining our traditional Office practices and undertaking our consultancy work in the best possible, professional, workmanship that we can attain.

We have maintained our Sports Day each Thursday week, our Toastmasters session each Wednesday week, our ’late fines’ for contributions towards our morning teas, Manisha and Co. have kept up with Office cleaning and we have even fitted in an Office outing to Pacific Harbour!

There has also been a certain amount of optimism with corporate bodies and private companies seeking proposals to undertake design and consultancy work for developments and infrastructure projects.

So despite the obvious catastrophic effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on countries, communities and businesses around the world, we at Erasito have done our best to maintain our daily work life in the manner it was pre-COVID-19.

Author:   Terence Erasito


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