Erasito has a commitment to provide services of quality by conforming to the specific requirements stipulated in the agreements made with each client and by providing these services with the skill, care and diligence to meet the cost and time constraints agreed to, while complying with all appropriate standards and statutes.


The quality of draughting produced by the company is reflected in the ease with which building contractors can construct the associated works. Furthermore, the company has developed its own quality assurance program ensuring all work follows systematic checking and recording procedures


We produce civil and structural engineering drawings in accordance with Australian Drawing Standard AS1100. We also possess the latest literature and design codes for the design of timber, masonry, steel and concrete structures, water reticulation, pumps and rising mains and road works.


As the largest, local consulting engineering firm in Fiji, our business strategy is to be both profitable and competitive by meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients in a way that promotes their respect and mutual loyalty, which ensures the success of both the clients and their own interests. We are wholly locally owned and is staffed by experienced and qualified technical staff.


International Partnerships

We have formed strong relationships with major consulting organisations from abroad. In particular, the multi-disciplinary engineering Company - Beca International Consultants Limited (BICL) of New Zealand.

In February, 2004 Erasito Consultants Limited and Beca International Consultants Limited created a joint venture Company named Erasito Beca Consultants Limited – Fiji owned. This joint venture has brought together a strong combination of international specialist experience, with local knowledge and dedication.

Erasito Beca is able to utilise the staff and technical experience of the Beca Group when required for projects within Fiji and the Pacific region. In turn, Erasito Consultants can provide knowledge of contractors, cultural differences, skills and resources available locally. Erasito Beca has successfully delivered dozens of projects in the region, many under extreme conditions as a result of tropical weather systems, difficult terrain and limited infrastructure.

Please feel free to visit Beca International Consultants Limited website to learn more about them on

  • Erasito Consultants carried out their work diligently and with a high level of professionalism. Being from the Pacific, they have undertaken their work keeping in mind the special cultural and development requirements of the Pacific people with the due diligence expected of a professional engineering company. We have no hesitation in recommending them for engineering projects both here in Kiribati and the in the South Pacific region.

    Kianteata Teabo , Project Manager
  • As Liason Officer, I am impressed at their professionalism and integrity in carrying out their duties. Erasito Consultants have never hesitated to work outside normal working hours or attend to urgent meetings as required. Because of their level of service and capability, I have no hesitation in working with them again.

    W Bauleka , Senior Engineer, Ports Authority of Fiji
  • Erasito Consultants carried out work both professionally and with a high level of quality. They had vital members of the team negotiate not only contractual requirements of the project but also ensured that the project met our operational and quality requirements.

    Rolf Gfeller , Engineering Manager
  • Erasito Consultants have worked tirelessly and shown unwavering professional integrity in the undertaking of their work as Project Managers for the South Pacific Games.

    Alisi T Tabete , Chief Executive
  • Terence Erasito has shown great commitment and responsibility. He has acted as a true professional and the dedication shown clearly justifies our decision to engage him as our Civil Consultant on the $4m Veisari Industrial Park Project.

    Sundip Patel , General Manager
  • Staff here at ECL are required to be knowledgeable about life saving actions like knowing how to vacate a burning building, OHS, Defensive Driving, CPR and First Aid practices. The Company has provided courses on these various extracurricular activities (including Scuba Diving) to develop us outside the realms of Engineering. These extracurricular activities not only benefit the Company but also Staff members themselves by expanding our knowledge and safety awareness.

    Maxine , Office Administrator
  • The Erasito/Beca partnership seems to work very well and I am recommending to my work colleagues here in New Zealand that if ever they get the chance to work with such a friendly and competent team that is Erasito Consultants Limited, then they should take it.

    William MaGuire , Engineer, Beca



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