Terence Erasito, BE (Civil), MEngSc (Struct), MFIE Profile Image

Terence Erasito, BE (Civil), MEngSc (Struct), MFIE


Terence Erasito is currently a Director of Erasito Consultants Limited, managing the Company from 18 Desvouex Road, Suva.  His responsibilities include the design, documentation and coordination of engineering design, compilation of drawings and documentation of civil and structural engineering projects in Fiji and the wider Pacific Region.  Terence holds a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering and a Master of Engineering Science Degree in Structural Engineering and was a past committee member of the Fiji Institute of Engineers.

Richard Imrie, BE (Civil), MIPENZ Profile Image

Richard Imrie, BE (Civil), MIPENZ

Project Manager, Civil Engineer

Richard is a Chartered Professional Engineer with over twenty five years of post-graduate consulting engineering experience and is currently engaged with ECL as Principal Civil Engineer and is managing ECL’s office in Nadi.  Richard has been engaged with the ECL since 2005 and has been resident and working in Fiji since 2002.  He is fully proficient in AutoCAD Civil3D, in addition to Robotic Total Station and RTK-GNSS surveying, and bathymetric surveying. Richard leads and has developed and maintained all our survey and terrain modeling equipment and software.

Alfred Macmac, BE (Civil) Profile Image

Alfred Macmac, BE (Civil)

Structural Engineer

Alfred is a Structural Engineer and joined ECL as a Structural Engineer in 2013.  Alfred has 13 years’ post graduate experience in civil and structural engineering projects. The attributes contributed by Alfred are as follows; Civil Design, Structural Design, Reinforced Concrete Detailing, Quantity Surveying, Project management, Construction Supervision and Contract Administration. His country experience includes: Fiji, Philippines and Saudi Arabia.

Vaclav Hirsch, MSc (Civil), MBA, CPEng NZ Profile Image

Vaclav Hirsch, MSc (Civil), MBA, CPEng NZ

Structural Engineer

Vaclav is a chartered Structural Engineer with over 10 years of experience, last 8 years at Beca, NZ. In the past three years, he has worked on a number of major bridging and maritime projects as a senior member of Auckland Civil Structures Team. He has also a good working knowledge of building and industrial structures including seismic engineering aspects gained during the preceding 5 years period at Wellington Building Structures Team.

Currently, the main Fiji projects he is working on include the bridge design for the Nasese Bridge replacement at Suva and structural engineer services to Fiji Sugar Corporation.

Krishmal Dutt, BE (Civil), Hons Profile Image

Krishmal Dutt, BE (Civil), Hons

Civil Engineer

Krishmal holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from The University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia). Since joining Erasito Consultants in 2016, Krishmal has been undertaking civil infrastructure and structural design works.  The projects that Krishmal has been involved in since joining the company include: Bridge Inspections, Site Inspections and Reports, Assessment of Existing Structures and Reports, and Cyclone design work for building structures.

Lorin Tuilakepa BE (Civil) Profile Image

Lorin Tuilakepa BE (Civil)

Civil Engineer

Lorin has 5 years’ post graduate (Diploma) experience and 3 years (Bachelor Engineering from the University of Queensland) experience in a various projects being undertaken by the Company.  Since joining the company as an attachee and as a Graduate Engineer, she has been involved in a number of projects undertaken by the Company.  These projects include: Geotechnical investigation, Site Inspections and Reports, Structural reviews, Construction Supervision and documentation, tender processes, cost estimation and Cyclone Certificates.  She is competent in using AutoCAD, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

Manisha Nandan, BE (Environment) Profile Image

Manisha Nandan, BE (Environment)

Environmental Officer

Manisha is a qualified Environmental Officer with Bachelor of Applied Science (Environment).  She has approximately 7 years experience in environmental and infrastructure planning in Fiji.  Manisha has prepared EIA’s and EMP’s for project developments in Fiji.  She is a competent research assistant and task manager and plays a key role in assignments with collating and analysing data, reports, analysing all existing information etc.  As part of the EIA study, she has organised a number of public consultation meetings and has facilitated technical assessment surveys with field specialist depending on the nature of project.  Manisha is a registered EIA Assistant Consultant with the Department of Environment (DoE) in Coastal Processes and Pollution & Waste Management.

Lucy Erasito Profile Image

Lucy Erasito

Director, Accountant

Lucy Erasito is a Director of the Company and brings with her a wealth of experience in the field of accounting. Lucy currently works with Company staff on a full time basis and looks after the financial aspects of the firm.

cadCAD Staff: Front (left to right):  Ameet Kumar, Tulia Katafono. 
Back (left to right):  Eroni Aisake, Hendry Tabulawaki, Tomu Nakanacagi, Altaf Shah, Elaijie Erasito.

adminAdmin Staff: Left to right:  Manisha Nandan, Asenaca Rokosuka, Shayal Chand, Raj Nandan

nadiNadi Office: Left to Right: Shaineel Chand, Shania Roy, Naibuka Naicegulevu, Nazmeen Hussain, Richard Imrie.


Our office

Everyone that works here has a desire to see Fiji and the Pacific Island nations grow and develop. We hire talented people and partner with the bigger companies to contiually bring expertise and the latest industry standards to our office. We always strive to put the right people with the right skills on the right projects.

Everyone here works directly with our clients, so if a client has a question that relates to the design they’ll speak to the designer that worked on it. We have a full team of support staff that have worked for us for many years because we strive to take care and develop our staff, just as we take care of our clients.


We start by figuring out the best way to bring your ideas to life in the most functional and logical way possible.


We’ll help map your projects journey from creation to completion, through creative ideas, research and client collaboration.


We help tender and work with qualified contractors, managing the construction phase of your project, including site inspections until project completion.


Bring your vision to life!