Erasito Employees Attend Toastmasters

Becoming Better Communicators

It is a tradition that has been passed onto ECL staff since 2001. As an employee, Staff are required to attend the Toastmasters Suva Club. This Club is about developing oneself in respect of aspiring to become better communicators, learning to listen and to also become a confident speaker.

Everyday there are situations where the wrong message is relayed or an assump- tion is thought without understanding the full meaning of what has actually been said. These misinterpretations in the field of Engineering can be detrimental to the Company.

toastmastersUnderstanding what has been said and relaying the message is a challenge for most. Our pacific traditions teach us that it is polite to be quiet, to be humble. However, with modernisation and the influence of Western cultures, we need to ensure that we at ECL communicate effectively and with confidence. In Suva there is such a place where one can better ones skills in these areas — Capital Toastmasters Club Suva. With the assistance of Fiji based expatriates, the club was char- tered by Erasito Consultants Limited Staff in 2004. ECL has since kept the spirit of Toastmaster alive here in Suva.

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